Decks & Porches

We’re just going to come right out and say it: our decks are second to none. 

Let us craft for you a beautifully finished, inviting outdoor space that fits perfectly with your home and yard. It will last through many challenging Vermont winters and be there to greet you like an old friend each spring. 


Warren Cable Rail Deck w/Seating

Plan and build top-grade natural cedar deck.

  • Design new outdoor space to maximize benefit of the property’s wooded backyard.
  • Build deck with natural cedar decking for a warm and natural foot feel.
  • Install stainless steel cable railings to allow for uninterrupted view of the mountains and trees.
  • Add built-in cedar benches to create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space, while offering a nice social scene.

Fayston Front Entry

Craft a beautiful covered entry to match home’s architectural style.

  • Design structure to fit harmoniously with existing home.
  • Construct using rot-free decking, Douglas Fir posts, and beaded pine ceiling.
  • Add large stone steps and install overhead exterior lighting.

Moretown Entry Steps w/Patio

Create a beautiful, functional stairway to connect parking area to home entrance.

  • Design and excavate rock-solid substructure with treated lumber and Sonotubes.
  • Craft staircase with multiple tiers and angle changes to traverse the challenging landscape.
  • Add FiberOn composite decking for maximum life and durability, with no need for refinishing.
  • Build railing system with stained Douglas Fir.
  • Install slate stone walkway at top of stairs to complete transition to the home.

Fayston Baluster Style Deck

Demolish and rebuild beloved family deck space.

  • Remove deteriorating deck, including all Sonotubes and concrete footings.
  • Remove rot from existing sill and waterproof prior to deck replacement.
  • Install seven new Sonotube pylons.
  • Construct new pressure-treated substructure.
  • Lay down new cedar decking and assemble fir handrails and balusters.

Waitsfield IPE Deck w/Cable Rail

Craft beautiful and supremely weather-resistant deck.

  • Design, excavate and build solid pressure-treated substructure.
  • Install South American IPE decking – a super-dense, super-smooth wood with natural oils to prevent rot.
  • Add stainless steel cable rail systems for a modern look that preserves the property’s five-star views.

Waitsfield Deck Restoration

Restore and renovate two large decks.

  • Add stairs for accessing the upper level.
  • Pressure clean, brighten, and re-stain cedar decking to return it to a like-new state.
  • Replace existing railing with stainless steel cable system.

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