Waitsfield Family/Apartment Home


3,500 SF




New Construction


Waitsfield, Vermont

Design and construct a 5-bedroom, 3-bath, 3,500 ft2 home w/apartment on the site of a run-down cabin, taking maximum advantage of the site’s unequaled views.

  • Oversee all architectural design and site work.
  • Strip existing cabin of all non-combustible materials, and oversee its burn as part of a local fire department training exercise (saving homeowner money and keeping waste from the landfill).
  • Construct modern, three-story home with top-flight features, including high-end, upper-cabinet-free kitchen; hardwood flooring; wrap-around decks with composite decking and stainless-steel cable railing.
  • Install superior insulation, LED lighting, and heating system to maximize energy efficiency for the homeowner.